Affordable Business Computers to Help you

get work done.

From a local company in Fargo Moorhead.

Built for the Speed of Business

Our business computers are specifically optimized for the needs of a business. We equip each system with enhancements like a Solid State Hard Drive (SSD) and Windows 10 Professional so they can be quickly set up for use in your office network and run the software you need to keep your business moving.

Solid State Hard Drives

Hard drive technology has evolved, but most businesses haven’t yet experienced the speed of a SSD – it is the single most effective way to boost the speed that your computer loads programs, searches email, and boot up. Solid State Drives also boost the reliability of your system because there are no moving parts like older hard drives with spinning disks.

Windows 10 Professional

Windows 10 is still pretty new, but don’t worry, it’s the best operating system for businesses. Why? Security, Speed, and great new features. It’s also very easy to use – with a start menu very similar to what you are used to from Windows 7.

Built In Security

Each computer comes with built in Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware protection that doesn’t require any additional costly subscriptions. We also set up each computer to automatically receive the latest security updates each day so that security flaws are fixed quickly. This is designed to stay out of your way and keep you productive and safe.

Dual Screen Ready

Each computer comes ready to support single or dual screen configurations. Whenever you’re ready to double your screen space, all you need is another monitor – no need to add special cards or upgrades.

Local Support

We’re located in Moorhead, so you can rest assured that someone local will be able to help you answer any questions or resolve any problems that may come up. We’re focused on providing friendly, common sense support for all sorts of business technology needs.

Take a look at these affordable Business Computers.



Dual Core Intel Processor


120GB SSD Storage

1yr Warranty



Dual Core Intel i5 Processor



1yr Warranty

File Backup Servers.
Our unique backup system will give all your computers a fast and secure place to store recent copies of all their files.