Nobody runs email better than

Microsoft or Google, period.

We’ll help you make the switch – you won’t regret it.

As low as $5/user per Month!

We evaluate your companies needs, and find a plan that best fits your needs and budget. Weather you already own your own domain or are still using a personal service, we can easily transition you to a full service modern system. You can have a Fortune 500 email experience and save money!

Eliminate Spam and Security Headaches

Some services say they filter spam, but your inbox still seems to pile up with junk mail. Our advanced spam filters use the worlds most advanced filtering technology. You can even filter legitimate mail advertising that you no longer wish to receive. Get control of your inbox with our easy spam filters.

Huge Attachments and Storage

Forget about cleaning your inbox because of space concerns. Our packages include up to 25GB per user, yes 25 Gigabytes! You can also send messages with attachments from 25-50MB. Stop wasting time managing your Email space and start using Email the way it should be.

Seamless Transition

Switching Email services can sound intimidating. Don’t let the idea of switching scare you into staying with sub-par service. We make the transition process totally painless. You won’t miss any messages, and you can keep using whatever email program you like. Switch now and never look back.

Smartphone Ready

Have smartphones in your company? Any of our email services allow you to easily add your company email to any smartphone platform. We support Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Palm, and Widows Mobile. Get your smartphone connected at no additional cost.

Automated Backups

Concerned about loosing messages? Even though our email services allow you to save Gigabytes of messages, you may want additional peace of mind. You can optionally sign up to have an additional layer of backup protection. We’ll automatically back up your messages, and make them available if you run into problems or accidentally delete something important. We even have HIPAA, FERPA, and other security standard compliant options.

Stop hassling with spam, downtime, full mailboxes, and security issues. Save time and money by leaving email to the experts.

Business Email Hosting Options

Email Server Migration

  • Fully Assisted
    $50.00 user - one time
    • Make changing email services completely seamless. We make sure you don’t miss a single email, and help all of your users get up and running.
File Backup Servers.
Our unique backup system will give all your computers a fast and secure place to store recent copies of all their files.