We keep it real (secure) with

HD security camera systems.

Setup & Installation for Fargo & Surrounding Areas.

Security Camera Systems

Keeping a close watch on your business is hard. We can make it a lot easier with a HD video surveillance security system. Our security camera systems have HD quality images to help make sure you can see everything clearly. We can design and install a mix of indoor, outdoor, and wireless cameras to cover any area you need.

HD Quality Cameras

Don’t be fooled by the cheap combo-pack camera systems. They only give you low-resolution analog CCTV cameras. Our solution pairs true 720p or 1080p digital cameras to an extremely robust recording solution. HD video surveillance images give you the detail you need for your business security system needs.

Smartphone Viewing and Alerts

Want remote access to view your security cameras from your smartphone or computer?We can bring you closer to your business while you are unable to be there. Our security system works on Apple iOS and Google Android phones.

Off-Site Backup

Security cameras are only good if someone can watch them, right? We combine video surveillance technology with an on and off-site storage strategy. Depending on your needs, we can help balance cost with the amount of storage to give you a solution that mitigates almost any threat.

2-way Audio Support

Seeing video of an event is useful, but what if you could hear what was happening too? Or, what if you could listen and talk in real time? Our security camera system lets you see and hear recorded events, and in real time!

Phone Integration

Stop dreaming – the future is now! Our cameras can be configured to call you if motion is detected or if a button or sensor is triggered. You can also call the camera and have a live audio conversation. Even deeper video and phone integration is available for customers of our business phone systems.

Get peace of mind with HD Video quality, motion detection recording, smartphone viewing, and off site video backup.

Camera Features

Outdoor 1080p Outdoor 720p Indoor Dome
Night Vision Yes Yes Yes
Outdoor Ready Yes Yes No
HD Video Quality 1080p 720p 720p
Audio Support Listen Listen 2-way

Standard Features

Motion Detection Recording

On and Off Site Backup Options

Records Sound

iPhone, Android, and PC Viewing

Excellent HD Video Quality

Easy Video Searching and Retrieval

2-way Audio with Telephone Integration

Configurable Email and Telephone Alerts

File Backup Servers.
Our unique backup system will give all your computers a fast and secure place to store recent copies of all their files.